1. Great advice for any parent of a student athlete!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Such excellent advice on this website for anything related to volleyball. I appreciate an article written for us parents. Safety and encouragement are so important!

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Very happy to know that you find the info on this blog about volleyball helpful. The simple logic is when a player feels safe on the court, they’ll perform to the best of their ability.

  3. I bet this is a really helpful read for all of those volleyball players’ parents out there!

    1. Hi adriana, thanks for your comment. Glad you found the post helpful for volleyball parents.

  4. Sports is as much parents as kids when it comes to success. 🙂 Hurrah for the opportunity to be a part of something so fun and enriching.

    1. Hi Rosey, thanks for your thought provoking comment. I totally agree that succeeding in sports involves both parents and players of a particular one. Both their contributions are crucial.

  5. Encouraging our children to enjoy playing volleyball, focusing on the fun aspects, and fostering a positive environment is key.

    1. Hi LavandaMIchelle, thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you. All these things will greatly increase the chances of a child succeeding in the sport.

  6. I always imagined as with any sport being a parent and handling coaches. I’ve heard some difficult situations but it’s really interesting to read through this and see it from the other perspective.

    1. Hi Tammy, thanks for your comment. I agree that handling coaches as a sports parent can be challenging. There’ll always be a back and forth between sports parents and coaches but handling most of the things from a place of understanding is going to be pretty helpful for everybody involved and avoids unnecessary tension.

  7. Reading this post really reflects how the values of raising a child with good sportsmanship reflects on the parents as well. The human values are the same no matter what sport our kiddos play. Awesome post!

    1. Hi Celebrate Woman Today, thanks for your insightful comment. I totally agree that if a child has a pretty good sportsmenship, then it directly reflects on the parents. Also, most of the fundamental sports human values are the same and teaching them will aid a child to thrive in whatever they decide to play.

  8. Absolutely excited to find a guide for volleyball parents! 🏐👏 Can’t wait to get all the details and support my child’s passion for the sport. 🤗.

    1. Hi Sue-Tanya Mchorgh, thanks for your comment. Glad to know that your child is interested to play volleyball and you are going to support it. Convey my best wishes!

  9. Rhian Scammell says:

    I don’t have kids myself, but I bet it’s quite easy to put too much pressure on things and leave the kids a bit stressed. Some great things to consider if you’re a parent of someone who plays sports x

    1. Hi Rhian Scammell, thanks for your comment. I totally agree that it’s easy for parents to focus on the success and put the pressure on kids unintentionally. But asking them to have fun while playing and not worrying about the results at least in the initial stages would be pretty helpful for them.

  10. Great information! This is something my daughter has thought about doing so it is nice to have some insight on it.

    1. Hi Luna S, thanks for your comment. Very happy to know that your daughter is considering to play volleyball. All the very best to her!

  11. There is a fine line between encouragement and being overbearing, and I think it’s important for parents to remember that. These are great tips.

    1. Hi Ben, thanks for your insightful comment. I completely agree with your points. Understanding the fine line between encouragement and overbearing as parents is critical. This avoids unwanted tension between the child and the parent.

  12. I love that you included relaxing during games. I have seen some parents absolutely lose it at all kinds of games. It’s extremely embarrassing for the kids.

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for your thought provoking comment. I totally agree that relaxing is a necessary part during matches. The intencity of most volleyball matches will be high so it is very important. The reason for parent’s over-reaction is mainly due to over-attachment towards the result of a match and they want their child’s team to win at all cost. To achieve that, they start behaving in odd ways in the spectators area. This is definitely an embarrassing situation for the child and it creates unnecessary pressure on the players as a whole. It leads to they considering to invite their parents for upcoming matches twice and deciding not to do so.

  13. Marie Cris Angeles says:

    I need to know all these. My sister starting to love volleyball and playing at their school.

    1. Hi Marie Cris Angeles, thanks for your comment. Very happy to know that your sister has started playing volleyball in her school. Convey my best wishes!

  14. I think as parents the best things we can do is be as encouraging as possible, learn about the sport and always be there to support their games.

    1. Hi Yeah Lifestyle, thanks for your comment. I totally agree. That’s what every child wants from their parents.

  15. I come from Serbia, a country of Olympic champions in volleyball. We are a volleyball nation. Our women’s team is an Olympic champion and men’s is among the best ones in the world for decades. So naturally, our young ones are always ready for some volleyball 🙂 Thanks for sharing some basics about this great game!

    1. Hi Pedja, thanks for your comment. Very glad to know that you come from Serbia, a country that produces some of the best players in the sport. I completely agree that Serbia has been a champion team and a powerful competitor in the world stage for a long time. This applies to both men’s and women’s teams. No doubt that volleyball is a wonderful team sport!

  16. Yufi Mukut says:

    Thank you for the post. Very detailed and clear in directing and supporting children to become committed players.

    1. Hi Yufi Mukut, thanks for your comment. Glad you’ve found this post useful.

    1. Hi Casandra, thanks for your comment. Glad you’ve found this post encouraging.

  17. Great read! I love that you listed all the ways to be supportive and encouraging to our kids. Sometimes you don’t know where to start.

    1. Hi Katie, thank you so much for your comment. Glad you’ve found this post helpful. I agree that in most cases, parents don’t have a proper idea of where to start in terms of being a supportive and encouraging people in their kid’s sports activities.

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